Website Programming

Websites are more than a little HTML and CSS (cascading style sheets). Thanks to Javascript and Ajax (Asyncronous Javascript and XML) your websites run smoothly like a desktop program or a mobile / tablet app. An SQL database represents the necessary content and makes it easier to update your pages as well as products and services offered. With modern techniques are e-commerce, online stores, customer service chat and interaction with customers and much more possible, regardless of whether a content management system (CMS) is used or you prefer an individual solution. We implement your ideas with the most modern means.

The programming of your website starts with the planning. Together with you we create the specifications and take over then the technical implementation to create your website based on your corporate design optimal for your needs. This includes an optimal user experience regardless of the device, from smart TV to desktop PC and laptop to tablet and smartphone. Equally important are short reaction times of the website and optimized content, not just for the user experience, but also for a good search engine positioning. /p>

Ask us, we realize your ideas!