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Website Optimization

You will achieve maximum success with your website, if it is perfectly optimized. The optimizing of a website involves many factors:

To achieve an optimized user experience, place your website next to a responsive design and a user-friendly, clear structure on all devices, whether smart TV, Desktop PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone / smartphone is optimally displayed. Through responsive Webdesign (RWD) adapts the website perfectly to the device.

Short load times and fast response times not only support the user experience, but also sustainably support optimal positioning in search engines. Special meaning get load times and user experience on mobile devices (tablet and smartphone), As these are used more and more often and the desktop PC and laptop run out of rank. In addition to RWD therefore, AMP sites (acclerated mobile pages) are increasingly gaining importance. This specifically smartphones adapted pages are favored in the search results on mobile phones In addition to more visitors, you will also be more satisfied by the improved positioning visitors, because AMP pages are not only smaller and thus load faster, but also through the Search engines are cached, which further increases the display speed. With the AMP pages you can achieve a significantly improved user experience than only pages optimized with RWD.

The optimization of your web pages not only includes the optimization of the visible layout, but especially the not directly visible components. These include e.g. structuring and optimization of CSS and Javascript, but also the databases used by your website. Often, e.g. a database optimization and normalization will greatly speed up their website.

A contemporary website ensures its success.

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