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Smart Inventory

for Android-Smartphones

The simple inventory, stock check, article management and picking with Bluetooth support

The perfect and cost-effective alternative to MDE devices

Smart Inventory is optimized for use on smartphones. Simplify all activities related to the management of your goods.

The data exchange with their ERP is done easily by means of CSV files (comma-separated values). You can easily save the finished inventory, send it by email, send it to your Google Drive, or print it out directly.

Color highlighting of items (correct stock, positive / negative stock, non-scanned items) facilitates the overview of your stock / inventory or picking. Let yourself, for example, during picking, see only the items whose stock is incorrect (positive or negative stock), so you can see directly which items still have to be picked and which items have been picked too many.

Den Barcode der Artikel können Sie einfach mit der integrierten Scanfunktion oder mit einem externen Bluetooth-Scanner einscannen. Sie können nahezu jeden Bluetooth-Scanner verwenden, der sich mit ihrem Smartphone koppeln lässt und nach dem Barcode ein Zeilenende-Zeichen (Return/Enter) sendet. Erfolgreich getestet wurden z.B. Handscanner von Netum und Aibecy. Die automatische Zählung erleichert dabei die Zählung der Artikel.

The barcode of the articles can be simply scanned with the integrated scan function or with an external Bluetooth scanner. You can use just about any Bluetooth scanner that can be paired with your smartphone and after the barcode sends a return character (Return / Enter). Successfully tested, e.g. Handheld scanners from Netum and Aibecy. The automatic counting facilitates the counting of articles.

Smart Inventory is available in 3 versions:

Smart Inventory Smart Inventory /
Smart Inventory /
Smart Inventur Smart Inventur / Lite Smart Inventur / Free
Unlimited Limited to 3 Inventories containing 1000 Articles per Inventory Limited to 1 Inventory containing 200 Articles
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Why use MDE devices, if you can use Smart Inventory?